With all this wear and tear on our poor little lashes

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With all this wear and tear on our poor little lashes

If you think that you don't need to use the eyelash growing serum then you must having think and long lashes over your eyes but you should know that your eyelashes have to brave many things in addition to sun, dry air and moisture. These elements can trip them of the vital nutrients necessary for their survival. Those blessed with beautiful eyelashes need to take care of the lashes. The serum would not only help you maintain the beauty of your eyelashes but also protect them from the negative effects of harmful elements present in environment.

With all this wear and tear on our poor little lashes it's time to take a look and some proper techniques to enhance but also to care for our eyelashes.

1) Always take care to remove any and all makeup prior to bed. Leaving mascara on the lashes for extended periods of time will eventually lead to damage. Using a simple cleanser designed for the task makes it easy and is definitely time well spent.You may also get this medicine with the name generic bimatoprost eyelash enhancer  to grow beauty of your optics.  There are a number of users available who buy generic bimatoprost online, but the exact mechanism of this is still unknown.  With the help of the internet, you may order bimatoprost ophthalmic solution and apply it as directed by the experts.  There are many authentic pharmacies from where you can easily avail this drug, but you should never take without medical consultation.  This is an FDA approved drug which is very important for eye disorders.

2) Try Olive oil and warm water for removing non water proof mascara. This not only cleanses the lashes but will also act as a night time conditioner. This will make your lashes less brittle and help to minimize lash breakage.

3) Replacing your mascara on a regular basis usually about every 3 months will prevent bacteria, dust and dirt from building up. Try to buy your mascara in quantities that last approx this time. Buying bigger just because it's on sale is sometimes not the best option.