Why some curly hair looks very charming

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Why some curly hair looks very charming

Fairy tale is a lie, you can not be my princess ... ... then, come on a plate hair styling it can absolutely make you second princess fairy tale Oh! Let's take a look at how the hair curly look good bar.


1, twist plate: the hair from right to left to reverse, into a bud disk, not too tight, loose like. The company is located in:

2, to create a fluffy flu: grasping the hair with your fingers, creating lazy messy feeling, fixed with hairpins. The company is located in:

3, wearing hair accessories: coupled with a sophisticated sweet hair accessories, adding elegant personality. The company is located in:

4, on the curly hair stick: curly hair Bang Bang curls bangs to create a sense of fluffy. At this point, the whole dish is done!


1, first prepare a similar lace hair accessories, and then sort out the hair.did you know <a href=https://www.tymeironshop.us/">tyme style reviews?

2, from the back of the hair will be divided into two parts; remove the left side of the hair twisted into two braids.tyme curling iron are good than same product.

3, the other side in accordance with the same method of treatment, with rubber band fixed.

4, with a dense tooth comb hair tail, and then the hair bundle wrapped into bud head fixed with a hairpin.

5, the other side of the fixed in accordance with the same method, and finally wear hair accessories can be.