Warnings of Bimatoprost

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Warnings of Bimatoprost

Before using Bimatoprost it is beneficial to talk with the doctor in order to know the proper way of using it to treat eye problem.

If you are using any other eye drop than do not order it for glaucoma or eyelash growth. First consult a health care provider and than proceed.

You may get allergic to bimatoprost that is an active constituent of the drug. In any case where you face severe side effects stop using the drug.

Buy this eye drop only when you have been prescribed this medication. Never use this on your own.
Do not use eye medications such as Xalatan which is similar to bimatoprost while using the former to get rid of eye complications.
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People suffering from damaged cornea shouldn’t purchase it online to treat glaucoma.
A dry eye is a disorder that does not allow one to buy this medication.
Aphakia is a condition where no lens is present in the eye and in such cases bimatoprost shouldn’t be used.