Using Marijuana for Glaucoma

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Using Marijuana for Glaucoma

Medical marijuana to treat glaucoma: does it work, or is that just wishful thinking?

Nope, sorry. Medical marijuana is not effective against glaucoma. So keep using your glaucoma meds to stave off vision loss!

Some people with glaucoma use marijuana because research conducted in the 1970s found that it had a small, short-term effect in lowering intraocular pressure. However, no research has found that marijuana is anywhere near as effective as legal glaucoma medications.

In November 2010, researchers announced study results showing how marijuana suppresses the body's immune system and potentially makes users more susceptible to infection and growth of cancer cells. Findings were published in the European Journal of lumigan eye drops is eyes of drug treatment,and have side effects of stimulate eyelash growth.A new study finds that lumigan, the active ingredient, bimatoprost, can be applied to hair follicle hair growth.At present´╝îlumigan online purchase as a kind of eyelash growth agent, applied to clinical.We want to observe whether the bimatoprost has the same effect on the scalp hair, even though these two kinds of hair follicle has a big difference.Our research results show that the bimatoprost can actually stimulate scalp hair follicle hair growth, is expected to provide a new approach to treatment of alopecia."

The American Academy of Ophthalmology, among other authoritative sources, says the risky side effects of marijuana (such as lowered blood pressure, increased heart rate, poor pregnancy outcomes, poor motor coordination, impaired memory and increased risk of cancer and emphysema) far outweigh any benefit.