Usage Tips with blackhead mask

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Usage Tips with blackhead mask

Test to see whether you have an allergic reaction to this product – apply a small amount on the back of your hand or ear. If there’s no allergic reaction or discomfort within 5 minutes, you can continue using.

Apply just enough of the Nylea blackhead remover mask. Don’t put a thick layer as this would be painful when peeling it off.

Make sure to keep the mask from areas in your face where you have hair (e.g. the eyebrows).

Once the mask is completely dry, peel it off slowly. The easy-to-use black head mask  binds to the clogged pores, dead skin cells, and other problem areas on the face, before gently pulling out either the blackheads, grease, or dirt from skin crevice (results after use may vary).Our blackhead removal mask should be incorporated into a healthy skin regime and used to purify and deeply cleanse facial skin and pores.We thought you'd like to know that this product is 100% cruelty free and not tested on head mask wholesale  with cheap price.

Please note that the Nylea blackhead remover mask is indicated for external use only.