This is a Korean-style long hair

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This is a Korean-style long hair


This style of Qi bang hair styling, hair tail micro-volume and to create a sense of level, not only to shape the sense of fashion doubled, but also very fluffy, hair looks a lot, and qi with a cute and stylish feeling.tyme iron buy just remember one thing, select official online shop.

Big roll of the long hair really gorgeous suction eye, dyed deep brown sweet hundred, with a shawl of long hair can be oriental women's elegance and the perfect display of the knowledge, especially eye-pleasing.

Give you long hair perm you can immediately fashionable to fly, with this year's popular thin bangs, sweet is not! And then a warm feeling of hair color more bright spots, but also very warm cure people.
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This is a Korean flavor of the long hair, only the lower part of the hair perm into s-type curly hair, this design will increase air sense and very Changxian goddess temperament.