The face is a kind of beautiful makeup look

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The face is a kind of beautiful makeup look

1, the upper lip can retain some of the lip contour, lower lip edge must be looming fuzzy effect.

2, in order to maintain a lasting makeup, you can use paper towel to press the makeup of the lips, or choose velvet texture of the lipstick, not with lip gloss or lip gloss.

Deciduous blush: high light, repair capacity, enhance color, which is the most important role in the makeup blush. The most conventional soft pink, orange is no longer necessary, in order to increase the concentration of autumn, blush color selection is necessary to have a breakthrough, the earth can make the wilderness of color slowly diffuse open.

3.the use of high light diversion line of sight, instead of playing high light as the main repair steps, with glossy honey powder, light-colored repair cake or pearl decorated milk, take the appropriate amount of apple muscle, and then wipe a little bit in the lip and chin .careprost serum is only $30, alomostabout $100 cheaper than Latisse.And one bottle can last 3-5 months, which just depends on how much you use every time.For me, A bottle
bimatoprost eyelashes has beenused for 5 months, it is about $6 a month, it is quiet cost-effective. I order this product from an official careprost site.