The back of the head marathon the hair

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The back of the head marathon the hair

In the world's favorite hairstyle, ponytail can be said to be the highest frequency, basically what shape is suitable for the ponytail, because the technique of the bar is not to talk about the temperament is not the same. Below love beautiful small make up and everybody share 3 suitable for winter ponytail, liberate shoulders, get rid of the winter bloated feeling don't say, still can up temperament!

Tie a low ponytail at the hairline.

From the sea, the temples pull out the hair to create the feeling of natural fall.

The back of the head marathon the hair, making radians and lines.tyme hair with beautiful hair.

Pull the ponytail around the rubber band and fix it with a small black clamp.

With a little bit more will make the hairstyle more points! Lotus leaf collar white blouse with the winter popular Earth color, but also very fresh sense!many women love tyme curling iron promotions.