Silver brown and shoulder length curls

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Silver brown and shoulder length curls

Black shoulder and long hair, the hair with a touch of brown hair, natural hair color gives a fresh, sweet feeling, oblique bangs out of the natural arc at the ear, beautiful and full of feminine, hair Micro-volume at the tip of the buckle inside the arc also brought a feminine temperament, by the age of fresh.Wholesale Tyme Iron with cheap price on our shop.

Beautiful fashion long brown curly hairstyle, bangs thick side with a beautiful arc, retro, full of femininity, cleverly decorated too wide forehead, highlighting the eyes, hair the tail of the volume, free and fluffy, to create A woman's fresh, sweet, highlight the fashion sense.

One-third shoulder and long curly hair, elegant atmosphere, sweet and beautiful, no bangs design, with emphasis on facial features and beautiful face, to create a sexy, mature femininity, V face or wide jaw big face girls are more Suitable, since the curl is from the jaw began, the perfect modification of the face.

Silver brown and shoulder long curly hair, the tail only bring a little arc, is now a very popular hairstyle, both modified cheekbones taller face, but also to create a sweet temperament, thirty-seven hair Line, no bangs design, sexy and sweet, very wild.tyme hair iron
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