Many girls want to know how to use electrical rod

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Many girls want to know how to use electrical rod

Many girls want to know how to use electric wand, in fact, the use of electric wand is very simple, as long as plug in electricity, adjust the temperature, know the method of curly hair, you can create a nice hot curly hair, if you want to do the curly hair Out of elegance, then come to learn the hot curly hair method, can also make their own fashion curly hairstyle.

Curly degree of curly hair is very sense of hierarchy, in the bangs at two layers of handling practices, highlighting the sense of hierarchy and playful, more agile temperament, hair volume is not large, are micro-volume, in line with this year's trend , Sweet and cute, if you like, then learn to see it!TYME Titanium Hair Straightenercreates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes!

First volume bangs, first of all bangs divided into two parts. The hair is curled inwards to give a feeling of fluff, and then curls the hair on both sides slightly inward.

In order to make the volume level with a sense of flu, fluffy hair inside the hair to pull straight, slightly curled in the tail, the outer hair from the middle began to curl.

Hair combed with a comb combed open, and then stereotypes stereotypes curls, so curl more full, more stylish hair. From the side and back view, this hairstyle is thin, elegant, flaxen hair color can also highlight the fashion sense, while setting off a fair complexion.tyme iron promo codefrom the root to the tip of the hair to create anything from loose beachy waves to tight and curly ringlets, all with minor adjustments in the angle of the iron!