Long curly hair How to tie hair good-looking and fashionable

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Long curly hair How to tie hair good-looking and fashionable

How does long curly hair look good and fashionable? In fact, the braided is also the know-how, the following is very simple, but the temperament and refinement is to be very good, two strands and three strands of braid combined with the most beautiful temperament, the United States developed people recommend long curly hair on the side of the tutorial, Sen Department of Rural Wind small fresh.

Fluffy side of the hair is simple and beautiful, so that your whole temperament and feel fresh clean up, although the design is irregular, but will appear more exquisite, the process is not complicated, beginners and lazy people can quickly start, do not need to go with hair ornaments, more sen system small fresh taste oh.

STEP1: Bangs and face-week hair are twisted from right to left in the direction of an ear. Don't leave a broken hair in your ear.tyme gold plated titanium hair create any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.

STEP2: The remaining hair is left and right apart, and the 1th step is the same as the direction of the ear to the hair tip.Wholesale Tyme Iron resembles a hair straightener but it is a bigger tool with a rounded barrel.

Step3:3 strands are braided into three strands. Fingers in the braid lightly marathon, showing a three-dimensional sense.

STEP4: With Fluffy a bundle of hair and hair to create a very small woman taste oh.