Learning to Be Okay With Feeling Emotions

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Learning to Be Okay With Feeling Emotions

After I wrote the post, I watched the series finale of my favorite television show, “Gilmore Girls,” because I knew it would make me cry. It did. I felt a little better after shedding some tears, even if they were for my “friends” in Stars Hollow rather than for myself.

One lesson I need to learn is how to “be” with the painful emotions. That is not an easy lesson for me, but it is a necessary one. I spent my life compartmentalizing my emotions so I would not have to feel them. They finally exploded out of me during the very intensive healing process. I have never learned moderation with my feelings. I just want to avoid the bad feelings.

However, emotions are a part of the human condition. They need to be felt and expressed. The key is learning how to sit with them for a while, knowing that even when you feel lousy, they will pass. Emotions are transient. No matter how good or how bad you feel at this very moment, your state of mind is going to change.

My struggle is allowing myself to feel the emotions without attaching myself to them. I either want to fight them or wallow in them (if that makes sense). I have not yet learned how to “sit” with them and allow them to pass.