How to manage long hair

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How to manage long hair

How to take care of long hair? Today with you a long hair care tutorial diagram, easy to create a modern ol style, long hair nn do not miss Oh, the next one to learn.

The middle-long middle-length hair will be hot out of the big wave volume, along the cheek outline of the light curve, decorated with a modern pretty ol style, dyed brown color, so that curls out of romantic color, showing a full charm temperament.tyme hairresembles a hair straightener but it is a bigger tool with a rounded barrel.

1. Comb your hair.

2. Take out curly hair stick perm forehead fringe.tyme iron short hair is great product.

3. will be the hair tail hot out of the radian.

4. Spray on the molding water.

5. Finally, a slight adjustment is possible.