How to make the braid fluffy feel

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How to make the braid fluffy feel

February 14 Valentine's Day is coming, the girls must be the United States and the United States to date, hairstyle is very important, you can add a lot of points for your dress, if you have a long curly hair, then create a Korean-style bar , Sweet and romantic.

Hair curly hair has always been the most perfect hairstyle, fluffy bangs out of the full arc deduction, decorated with a full forehead. Trimmed freely on both sides of the hair trim Yan Yan temperament, this hairstyle is undoubtedly the best Valentine's Day hairstyle, sweet and romantic, like the girls to learn from the following!tyme flat Iron can setting different temperature。

step1: First sort out the hair, girls with straight hair can curly hair curls.

step2: And then tie the hair into the tail after the deduction.tyme curling ironcreate any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.

step3: Then deducted ponytail into three braids.

step4: Pull the braid fluffy flu, and finally adjust the forehead curls bangs, a little can be handled.