How to make hairstyle look good

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How to make hairstyle look good

Christmas is coming once again, how to get good looking hair? Christmas romantic dating, what hairstyle can make you transfiguration beauty girl? Feel the most simple

and most suitable dating hairstyle, or below 3, regardless of hair or short hair girls are suitable, a

Let's diy it!

The first paragraph: Which 吒 head
No matter what time head comb comb very attractive, this year is also a long time fire, many female stars love!
First of all, to comb a pair of ponytails, I believe every girl had combed childhood ~
Then use a hair comb hair comb hair, and then roll a clip with a good clip.
Finally, you can wear a holiday mood hair accessories, it looks more feeling oh ~
The other side is also done with the same steps to complete ~

The second paragraph: ribbons made
This is a bit more complicated, but it's really Christmas ~
Roll the bangs first with a curly hair stick, do not curl too hard, so it looks a little more natural.
Then the rest of the hair are rolled into cute egg roll.
I remember after the end of the roll to wear elastic elements, so that the more durable egg rolls.
The following is the most important part, the two ribbons folded, and then tied in the hair roots near, tied with ribbons and hair made three strands. tyme iron price is cheap than other product.

On each side of the two series, it is completed,tyme gold plated hair straightener is used beauty bar.

The third paragraph: hair tie bar hair
This hairstyle for more quiet lady sister, its bright spot is that we must find a bright spot hair band ~
First of all, still with the hair stick to the tail of the central hair, rolled off more natural arc.
Then remove the strands of hair on both sides, tie the hair in the middle with a rubber band, and then remove the rubber bands after wearing the hair straps.