How to have good skin

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How to have good skin

Applicable to all types of skin, material to buy: pharmacies and supermarkets

Materials: Tremella 30 grams, 5 grams of pearl powder, a small amount of mineral water.

Efficacy: Run white eye skin, enhance eye skin elasticity, eliminate dark circles.Every day cumbersome make-up, great harm to our eyelashes, has long been thinking that there is no one can make eyelashes growth, dense eyelash growth fluid, so my eyelashes look sexy beautiful, dynamic!lumigan eyelashes growth fluid is really great! After 28 days of use, the degree of thickening eyelashes increased by half! Now do not brush mascara as beautiful, is not it? This is the dream of every woman, and now it can finally be lumigan is your best choice.

How to use: Apply 4 drops to each eye and eye area, starting from the eyebrows around the eye smear.

Production methods: 1, Tremella into the pot, add a small amount of water, a small fire slowly boil to boil gravy. 2, into the pearl powder, stir well, to be cooled into the bottle after the refrigerator into the frozen. Save method: into the bottle into the refrigerator frozen, 2 weeks can be used up.