Gripping hard causes crimping

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Gripping hard causes crimping

There is a correct way to hold your iron. Your forefingers should be on the side that says TYME and your thumb on the opposite side.

When using the TYME iron, follow the guidelines, the dark side of the tool should be at your head.

When curling your hair, I found starting at the back to the front best.

Do not grab in large chunks.

Separate into small vertical (not horizontal) sections.

It is important to squeeze light. Gripping hard causes crimping.The tyme curling iron on sale comes packaged in an attractive white box and includes a protective sleeve case.tyme offers free shipping, free returns within 30 days and a 1 year warranty and will do FaceTime calls with you so that you know you’re using it properly.tyme can keep the iron vertically and hold the clasp keeping forward, then hold about 2 inches of your hair 1 -2 inches at the end.

tyme flat Iron is work slow without much tension. If you squeeze lightly and move the iron slowly forward it will create less frizz.