Drain plug can use sani sticks

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Drain plug can use sani sticks

In fact, encountered such a small problem A little hands can be resolved. So, then Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the kitchen pool blocked how to do

1, water into the sink to solve the oil jam
Pool block the most reason is the fat plug in the pipeline, this solution only need a pot of water poured into the sink, and then add some cold water to the water temperature of 60-70 degrees, if the water heater and kitchen connection on the best, Direct hot water continued to wash for 3 minutes on the line.

2, water sub-sucking debris to solve the tank clogging
To ensure that the lower mouth of the water is sealed by water, so that the effect of water to seal the air, the water to cover the drain down the hard row of air and water in the air, and then pull up So that the negative pressure will bring things out or loose; at the same time and the water with the general, if the debris and more, then need to pull several times on the pass.sani sticks the concentrated cleaning and sanitation sticks you drop in the drain once a month to help prevent backups, clogs and nasty odors before they start.sani sticks official website in the pipe-trap and slowly releases a blend of enzymes to break down food, grease, and other organic materials. Stop embarrassing sink odors before they start.?Perfect for the kitchen, vanity, bathtub and utility/mop sinks.

3, wire through U-type sink to solve the tank clogging
For the U-shaped road block, then, if it is with the sewage screw down the water pipe, it is not easy to do, directly unscrew, unscrew, and then turn on both sides of the wire, this method is very simple, if not solve Of the painting, you can remove all the sewer pipes, remove the debris inside, and then assembled.