Do you know how to choose exclusive mascara

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Do you know how to choose exclusive mascara

Girlfriends who have used the mascara that is easy to use, but their own use is not feeling it? In fact, according to different eye type and eyelashes, choose their own mascara for the perfect, in order to create the perfect charming electric eye Oh.

Long and thin eyelashes,To highlight the length of the eyelashes highlighted the most crucial, so you should choose abundance, mascara encryption, can make the eyes big and God. This mascara brush to thick, so that mascara can be fully attached to the comb groove, brush once make eyelashes thicker, thickening, but also has a clear rooted effect.

Honey silk Buddha dense mascara using the largest brush head in the history of the United States, more than 50% more than ordinary mascara bristles, eyelashes and greatly increase the contact surface of the brush, just gently sweep, carefully wrapped the entire eyelashes, you can all-round excitation The inherent potential of eyelashes, but also clear-rooted, to create comparable to the false eyelashes but more natural magical effect!Everyone want your eyes beautiful, god color float in the sky.Natural eyes and thick eyelashes, but also cherish is fine.latisse
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2. Single eyelid or eyelashes shorter eyelid
In both cases due to the small part of the eyelashes exposed, so you need to choose curling longer mascara, make the eyes appear large and bright. As for the brush head, long straight spiral type is the most suitable, but also slender and dense, most suitable for use by Asians. Good stereotypes, better eyelash curl retention. Effectively nourish your eyelashes and nourish and repair your eyelashes. Protect nourishing eyelashes, soft and protect the eyelashes.