Concealer brush stained with concealer applied to acne

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Concealer brush stained with concealer applied to acne

In addition to a good natural face, the super amazing beauty makeup for the Fan Bingbing paved the way forward, let her gas bursting, become a real "Lord." Fan Ye, whether makeup or makeup can be the perfect control, especially on the Cannes red carpet "Flower Fairy" shape, soft orange makeup, highlighting its charming charm of the eyes. But when you pay attention to her body shape, you will feel bangs too long, too many floral, lack of elegant red carpet temperament, but a lot less by age.

STEP1 pulp open foundation
Pulp gently tapping open foundation, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, carefully pushed evenly.The active ingredient in LATISSE is bimatoprost, a synthetic prostaglandin (a fatty acid that performs hormone-like actions) that latisse eye drops is used to treat glaucoma.When patients were treated for glaucoma with bimatoprost, physicians found that a side effect was the growth of lusher and darker eyelashes—and thus LATISSE was born.careprost vs latisse,Bimatroprost works by prolonging the active growing cycle of a hair follicle (known as the anagen phase), and increasing the number of hairs growing.

STEP2 sponge press evenly
Open the pulp foundation, with a quick sponge and then press the whole face again, so that the foundation is more docile.

STEP3 cover red acne
Concealer brush stained with concealer applied to acne, acne should be smeared around. So that acne and the surrounding skin color consistent, modified red phenomenon.