Choose a more gentle and straight hair

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Choose a more gentle and straight hair

Straight hair of the match has always been vitality, Variety is known as the tail, but the stereotyped hair, too lack of personal style, time for a long time inevitably tedious. In the 2012 London spring and summer fashion week T stage, with the traditional straight hair tail into the hair styling, change the past monotonous tail, so that the whole hair looks more three-dimensional. A little bit of mind, straight hair tail can also have 3D energy, not only soaring attention, more formal fashion (microblogging) influx of people ranks.

How to:
1. Choose a more gentle and straight hair stereotypes cream painted on the hair, not only soft care of the hair straight, and will not cause a stiff simply straight wholesale is the brush that straightens hair!?It is fast and easy to use, simply brush through dry hair to smooth and straighten.It is gentle, safe and perfect for all hair types.Heats up to a maximum of 450 degrees F.simply straight brush store is corded with many heat settings.?Each bristle is ceramic-wrapped and has a silicone tip for the smoothest straightening possible!

2. After the completion of hair straightening, the hair is divided into three parts on average, first in the head part of the appropriate amount of hair with a hidden hair ring beam, followed by the middle and bottom, each part of the hairline must ensure that clear, Neat, with postmodern geometric beauty.

3. Finally, you can use stereotypes spray to smooth the surface of the broken hair, the entire shape to complete.