Choose a mask skin care is a good choice

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Choose a mask skin care is a good choice

Dry winter, how to skin care it? Choose a mask skin care is a good choice, do not trust the mask outside, you can DIY a mask at home, winter skin care will learn, homemade honey lemon freckle mask, moisturizing to achieve, as well as freckle effect, the United States and the United States da skin care!

Homemade honey lemon freckle mask.

The materials used are lemon, honey, flour, small bowl, small spoon.

1, the lemon into the juicer juice, squeezed into lemon juice, the flour into a small bowl, add lemon juice for mixing.

2, continue to join the right amount of honey in the flour Stir.Did you know lifecell face cream ? lifecell anti aging cream best price about $89. It improves the appearance of aged skin along with skin elasticity by enhancing collagen production, and helps fade hyper-pigmentation including age spots.It's also a great anti-oxidant.Providing smoothness & softening to the skin, having excellent anti-wrinkle effects and promoting growth of new skin cells after peelings and soothes irritated skin.

3, stir with a small spoon.

4, wash your face with water.