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About Baseboard Buddy FAQS

Q :What are the dimensions of Baseboard Buddy?
Length = 10cm
Width = 8cm
Height = 108-172cm

Q :What is handle and head on Baseboard Buddy made from?
The handle is aluminium and plastic and the replacement pads are polyester.baseboard buddy wholesale from  baseboard buddy official website.As Seen on TV Baseboard Buddy is the fast and easy way to clean your baseboards and moldings!Simply walk and glide,Swivel Action lefts you clean from any angle,Collapsible Handle breaks down for easy storage,use dry or wet to clean stubborn dirt.

Q:How do I wash the replacement pads?
The pads can be put in the washing machine on a delicate cycle or hand washed.

Q:Where can I use Baseboard Buddy?
BaseBoard Buddy is suitable for skirting, cornices, architraves, windowsills, banisters, fireplaces and chair rails.