A pair of thick and long eyelashes is an essential accessory

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A pair of thick and long eyelashes is an essential accessory

If you want to have a good looking beautiful eyes, how can two fewer regular eyelashes? The entire process of makeup, eyelashes folder must be an indispensable actress ladies. Having said that, but this one is the most difficult to do well. It is hard to say that the eyelashes are hard to make, which is not easy to say. To curl a curved eyelashes, you need to know the secrets and tips.

Eyelash curler the first step is to choose the right eyelash curler. Eyelash curlers have different curvature, the length of the difference, some eyelash curler is used to clip a row of eyelashes, but also some eyelash curler is used to clip a handful of small eyelashes. When you actually fold your eyelashes, your head is slightly raised, your eyes looking down at the mirror, placing your eyelash curler near your eyelid, and using your moderate effort to grasp the bottom of your eyelashes. After that, and then gradually to the middle of the eyelashes clip a second time, and finally in the roots of eyelashes folder the third time. This is the case, at least the eyelashes separately from the folder three times, if the eyelashes are uniquely longer than the average person, they can be separated four or five times to clip, so that the entire row of eyelashes can be clearly warped.

Sandwiched eyelashes, the eyelashes will be a tilt. This is when the eyelashes are painted, the mainstream mascara colors include: black and brown. Want to choose some of the more special colors, can actually consider a lot of colors; including: blue, purple, green, red and so on. The way to apply eyelashes is to use a brush with mascara and "Z" to gently brush the eyelashes from the bottom to the top of the eyelashes. The beauty of the "Z" -shaped approach is that it avoids the situation where the eyelashes have a handful rather than a single section. Once painted, eyelashes can be further combed with an eyelash brush. In this way, one by one eyelashes will be able to clearly show their eyes there will be more flickering effect.latisse generic
 belongs to a class of medications known as prostaglandins. Interestingly, bimatoprost (the active ingredient in Latisse) was first used to treat glaucoma. People using this glaucoma medication (sold under the name "Lumigan") or other similar medications noticed that their eyelashes were longer, thicker, and darker. www.generic-latisse.com  is believed to work by increasing the number of eyelash hairs that are in the active growth phase and by increasing the length of time the hairs stay in this phase.

Girls love charming eyes, a pair of thick and slender eyelashes is an essential accessory. In fact, in addition to the use of basic skills, as long as you pay more attention to different make-up tools, is not difficult to find there are many convenient, easy-to-use alternative. Want to say is that the eyelashes in fact, in addition to the commonly used traditional folder method, but also to the beauty salon equipment, the eyelashes electricity to bending; the same time, may also consider planting eyelashes, the eyelashes become longer and more dense.